Skinny Cascade Water Feature

Our skinny Cascade water feature come in two different sizes, giving you the ability to choose an option to fit your useable area. The effect of a water feature is awe inspiring and majestic, but one does want to over crowd your landscape. Used as a centre piece, in a corner or against a straight wall in a entrance hall, the options are limitless. We have 3 standard colours to choose from to suit your specific need. Custom painting is also available.


Large:  Lenth 1.2m, Height 1.25m

Medium: Lenth 1.0m, Height 1.0m


If you want a waterfall but have a small space or there’s safety or maintenance concerns, pondless waterfalls may be your best option. They are easy to maintain too. In order to install, the hole is dug deeper than a pond, and lined with gravel and/or rocks. The pump to recirculate the water lies underneath the gravel and/or rocks. This way you can have a stand-alone, customized to your style and personality waterfall as your beautiful water feature. Water feature ideas must work aesthetically and have purpose within the rest of your garden design. They don’t need to be complex, and sometimes the simplest designs will bring the most impact.

Garden fountains are dynamic water feature ideas that bring both sound and the aesthetic impact of moving water to a garden. They come in a wide range of options, from a gentle trickle of water to a more dramatic, bellowing flow.

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White Washed, Dark, Rusty


Extra Large, Large, Medium, Small