Planter Cascade

Our Planters Cascade Water features can be used as a Center piece, or against a wall in a larger size landscape or patio of more modern type homes. We carefully decided on what colours will suit most gardens and landscapes, and thus these are our standard colours. We are more than willing to custom paint your features if you provide us with the exact colour card.


Height: 1m, Length: 1m, Width: 1m


Water features are a wonderful addition to any home or garden. They add a beautiful and intricate design to a space, as well as a calming and peaceful sound. Imagine falling asleep with the gentle sound of water trickling outside your window. Waking up with birds chirping and a light breeze blowing. Apart from waking up in the middle of tranquil forest, surrounded by mountains and streams, this is the next best thing.

Water features are also really beautiful to look at. They are incredibly tranquil and have a calming, meditative effect. You could get lost for hours staring at a water feature. Masters take to mountains to find a moment away from the hustle of their busy lives. They choose a spot close to a river or stream and find themselves forgetting about the worries of life. We dont have that luxury, but we can have the next best thing, right in your own backyard


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White Washed, Dark, Rusty