Skinny Cascade Square Pond

Our Skinny Cascade water Feature is a more modern looking feature, suiting straight lines and manicured gardens. Should you however want to create a modern area at a more classic type home, our colour choices will help you achieve this. The combination of modern water feature combined with the awe inspiring sound of flowing water is second to none. We also offer a custom painted option on request, we do ask our clients to use South African colour cards.


Large:  Pond 1,3m x 1.3m, Maximum Height 1.25m  

Medium: Pond 1,0m x 1.0m, Maximum Height 1.0m  


Have you ever taken a hike in the mountains where a small river meanders through the valley, bringing life to wherever it goes? Take a seat on a large boulder and close your eyes with the sun shining in between the overhanging trees, what do you hear? Birds chirping, wind blowing and water, flowing water, how majestic and awe inspiring.  Our skinny cascade style water feature is a more modern, straight lined feature, offering the modern aesthetic and also the tranquillity and majesty of running water. Most people would love to get out in nature more often, but life keeps us pretty busy. Now you can have a little bit of nature in your own garden. Suitable of larger patios or pool entertainment areas, gardens or as a stand alone feature.

We will also offer our landscaping expertise to help you create your idyllic garden. We will deliver and help install your water feature.

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White Washed, Dark, Rusty


Large, Medium