Face Water Feature

Small and compact in design, but loud and proud in effect. This is an ideal addition for every garden, braai area or entrance. Select one of our standard colour options or choose your own. Place a pot with plants in the vicinity to break the concrete look. the options are endless.


Water features in your backyard are an impressive way to enhance your property. Whether you only have enough space for a small fountain or plenty of room for a pond, you can rely on our expertise to create something for you. Having these features can turn your backyard into a beautiful place where you can enjoy spending some quiet time while birds or dragonflies hover about.

We provide a wide range of water features for you to consider adding to your yard. Natures has a way of calming even the most upset and uptight. Water is one of the best. Now you can combine the calming effect of water, with this unique artistic design.

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White Washed, Dark, Rusty