Skinny Pond

Our Skinny pond water feature comes in two sizes which gives you the option depending on your available space so not to overcrowd your landscape or patio. Our standard colour options will suit virtually all gardens, but if you need another option, we are more than will to help.


Large:  Pond 1.0m, Height 1.25m

Medium: Pond 80cm, Height 1.0m


When it comes to fountains, there’s a vast array of choices in styles and sizes. Each are equally as pleasing to the eye as the next. Fountains have been around since the time of ancient Greeks and Romans. They are the embodiment of sophistication, and modern fountains now come with electric-driven pumps in order for the water to circulate or spray continuously. This helps to keep the water crisp and fresh. Your options can come from the following list: bubbling boulders, multi-tiered garden fountain, spouting statue, one or multiple spouts and concrete cascade fountain.

Other than being aesthetically pleasing, water features benefit you by inducing relaxation and relieving your stress. Features like fountains can act as a natural humidifier by adding moisture to a dry area. If you love or have animals, water pieces are a wonderful addition for them too. Pets love running water and can be a source of water for them if there are no harmful chemical inside. They can attract wildlife too. For example, birds enjoy bird baths and fountains, and plants can grow better too. Water features benefit you and your outdoor space bringing harmony and tranquillity.

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White Washed, Dark, Rusty


Extra Large, Large, Medium, Small