Flute Cascade Water Feature

Our Flute Cascade water feature is ideal for the smaller garden or deck. Bringing you the beauty and tranquillity, without over powering your space. Our well priced water features will suit any budget, giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy nature. Placed in a corner, along a wall or as a Centre piece, the choice is yours.


Length: 1.0m, Height 1.1m


When it comes to small garden water feature ideas, there are plenty of options available. So, if you thought these decorative designs were only for larger gardens, think again.

Even if you’ve only got a tiny patio to play with, you can still enjoy all the sensory benefits that water features have to offer if you opt for the right style. In fact, they can help pull your whole outdoor landscape together, making a beautiful focal point for a patio or deck. They’re not just lovely to look at , fountain designs will offer a soothing sound, too, which can also be handy for masking road noise. And, they’re great for wildlife, attracting butterflies and birds. From modern, multi-tiered, and even light-up looks, there’s bound to be a small garden water feature that will suit your garden.

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White Washed, Dark, Rusty