Round Lip Range Pots

Our round lip pots, has a classic look with just enough detail to catch the eye. With this range of pots, a wide array of plants and shrubs can be utilised giving your garden an elegant, stylish yet classic look. From a curvy garden or walkway, to an arched entrance hall or patio, our round lips pots offer a great addition on greenery to you landscape. Dark corners can be brought to life with low light loving or indoor plants.


Large: Height 70cm, Top diameter 54cm

Medium: Height 56cm, Top diameter 46cm

Short: Height 31cm, Top diameter 56cm


Our great quality pots at affordable prices allows all gardeners to find a pot to fit their budget. The round lip pot will be a beautiful addition to any home. From extra large to small, you are bound to find a pot to suit your garden.

The best containers for trees are the ones that are strong and durable enough to be outside in the elements for years and still look great.

There are many different reasons why you may want to do container planting instead of ground planting.

Firstly, with tree potting, trees are given a safe space to grow and thrive. Using a planter means less mess and more control. You can also take your trees inside during the winter to shelter them from frost, or during the summer to protect them from hot weather.

Used commercially,  restaurants, hotels, and retailers can create more usable outdoor spaces by dividing areas with tree planters, and add colour, order, and texture to the landscape.

Plus, you can rearrange them to freshen your landscape or to meet new challenges at anytime you want! Can’t do that with trees stuck in the ground.

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White Washed, Dark, Rusty


Large, Medium, Short