Detail Range Pots

A little detail goes a long way in bringing a diverse and creative feel to your garden sanctuary. Get your creative juices flowing or just chose a design you like. As a standalone feature or incorporating detail into your landscape. Our standard colour options give you a good springboard to set your creativity free. We can also custom paint to our customers’ requirements.


Tall: Height 101cm, Top diameter 59cm

Short: Height 52cm, Top diameter 65cm


Our Detailed range of pots offers our customers the option of introducing some unique lines into a garden. Perfect for plant for planting citrus trees or other larger shrubs as well as bamboo. From tall to short, our detail range gives you options to play with height. Our Tall detailed pot can be used as a stand-alone pot in a driveway or main entrance. Adding a cement ball onto often rounds off the feature very nicely. Details on pots is often seen as a more classic look, but used in the correct setting, you can create any desired look. Our great quality pots at affordable prices allows all gardeners to find a pot to fit their budget.


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Tall, Short


White Washed, Dark, Rusty