Flute Range Garden Pots

Modern gardens can’t be imagined without the chic Flute Range garden pots. It’s part of Kainos’s modern collection of garden pots and containers, and its sleek lines are reminiscent of the transition of old world architecture set in a modern urban environment.


Large: Height 80cm, Top dimensions 38cm x 38cm

Medium: Height 60cm, Top dimensions 34cm x 34cm

Small: Height 40cm, Top dimensions 29cm x 29cm


Our Flute range is a perfect merger between square and round pots. If your garden has a more classical look, our flute range helps to bring a slight modern look. However, if you have established round pots in your garden, and you want to bring an interesting and harmonising change, our Flute range is an appropriate fit. A corner feature using the large, medium and small sizes breaks the rigidity of the corner, and with the curve of the Flute pots helps create flow. The Flute range also works well when used in conjunction with or ball pots, or our round garden pots. Our great quality pots at affordable prices allows all gardeners to find a pot to fit their budget. With trays available for these pots, not only will these pots work outdoors but indoors as well.

Our products come in the standard white washed light or dark, as well as a rusty look direct from our factory. Each order is made as per order specification. We welcome bulk orders, and we offer discount related to order size.

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White Washed, Dark, Rusty


Large, Medium, Small