Skinny Range Garden Pots

Our Skinny range of pots come in the standard white wash light or dark look, or a rusted finish. They work well in a modern setting, or if you are looking at giving an area in your garden a revitalised look. Our Skinny pots compliment our Sqaure range, as well as our range of rectangular planters.


XLarge: Height 90cm, Top dimensions 43cm x 43cm

Large: Height 72cm, Top dimensions 34cm x 34cm

Medium: Height 52cm, Top dimensions 31cm x 31cm

Small: Height 33cm, Top dimensions 28cm x 28cm


Our Skinny range of pots boasts a more modern look, fitting in nicely with a more well-manicured gardens. The slender look pot with the slight taper also helps merge straight and curved lines, helping to bring harmony to your part of paradise. Our Skinny range also works well as a stand-alone feature in an uninteresting corner, or as a feature along a wall. Small shrubs, flowers or Agaves all works well with our skinny range. Our skinny range also works well when used in conjunction with our Rectangular long planters, giving a unique look with countless options to play with. Our great quality pots at affordable prices allows all gardeners to find a pot to fit their budget. From extra large to small, you are bound to find a pot to suit your needs. With trays available for these pots, not only will these pots work outdoors but indoors as well.

Our products come in the standard white washed light or dark look, or a rusted look direct from our factory. Each order is made as per order specification. we offer bulk discounts and welcome landscapers and nurseries.


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White Washed, Dark, Rusty


Extra Large, Large, Medium, Small