Potting Soil

Whether you are a landscaper, or just an avid gardener, a good quality potting soil is a must. We offer a great quality potting soil, compost and lawn dressing at affordable prices to the public. Per bag or in bulk. please enquire about our bulk prices by sending us an email, or calling us. details on our contact us page.


Potting mixes are filled with organic matter to provide essential nutrients to the plants. This includes compost, peat moss, and a good percentage of bark chips or pine bark. A good quality potting mix helps feed and hydrate your beloved plants.

Life has gotten so expensive, not to mention trying to neaten up or redo a garden. If the general price of pots, not our of course, has not scared you off, the price of potting soil will surely do the trick. We offer otting soil and compost at bulk discount prices. We sell per bag or in bulk, please send us an email to enquire about our bulk prices.

Most gardening experts know which potting soil to choose for what plants, through years of experience in the garden as a profession or a hobby.

They can pick out the best potting soils, and even make their own potting mix, according to the needs of the specific plant. They make it look so easy and effortless, but to a beginner gardener or a layman, it might not be as easy as that. If you are thinking of turning to gardening or educating yourself on the subject, one of the most important topics that will come up is that of potting soils and which ones to use. While supermarkets now have a variety of different potting mixes to choose from, you still have to know what soil would be best for your plant, and that is where we come in.

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