Old School Bird Bath

What can be more rewarding in gardening than knowing that a wild, mostly cautious creature, finds your garden safe enough to relax and enjoy a little soak. It looks and sounds almost like you are in a different world.

In our Old school range of bird baths, we have two sizes. Depending on your available space. We call it old school, as it is more a traditional, plain type of bird bath. Sturdy, long lasting, and good to look at. We have colours to suit almost any garden.


Large, Height 85cm, Diameter 75cm

Small, Height 55cm, Diameter 58cm


Birds like cover—it makes them feel protected and secure. So if you can place your bird bath near shrubs, trees, or other cover, there’s a greater chance they will use it. In addition, it’s best to keep your bird bath out of direct sunlight so the water doesn’t get too hot and undesirable. Placing a bird bath in a sheltered, shady spot can dramatically reduce the evaporation rate of the water so it will not dry out as quickly. Furthermore, when the water is cooler, algae will not grow as quickly and insects are not as likely to lay eggs in the water. If putting the bath in full shade is not possible, position it so it is shaded during the mid to late afternoon—the hottest part of the summer day.

Finally, be sure to pick a spot where you can see it. You want to be able to see and enjoy the birds that stop by, so put it in an area that you will see regularly.

You might come across a small birdbath that is oh-so-cute and decorative, but that’s not necessarily the best for attracting birds. Definitely look for a bigger bird bath with a wider bowl on the top, which provides ample room for multiple feathered friends to stop by all at once. You could also do two or three bird baths in a single area, which is a really pretty way to landscape as well as a great way to attract more birds.

We have a variety to choose from, so take your time and browse, go with what will suit your garden and your pocket.

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White Washed, Dark, Rusty


Extra Large, Large, Medium, Small