Post Box

Our concrete Post boxes offer durability and aesthetic value. Nice to look at, and functional. This post box comes standard with an open back area to collect the mail, we can however fit a door should you prefer at an additional cost. please enquire. We offer this post box in our standard colours, aswell as the well known “Post box Red” colour.


Our concrete Post boxes offers durability and style. Concrete provides a strong and stable foundation for most mailboxes.  Post boxes are generally red coloured box with an open segment where you can drop your letters in front, and an area behind the post box to remove the mail. We also offer a closable post box with a door to keep your mail from falling out. Keep it on your front lawn to hide an unsightly water meter or power box, and have the piece of mind that no one will carry it away because of its weight.


Height: 1.15 m

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White Washed, Dark, Rusty, Red