Stout Large Pots

Our Stout large pot is a versatile pot with numerous uses. Giving its size and presence, it usually works well as a focal point in the design of a landscape. Used at spacious entrances, as a water feature or at the centre of a well designed garden. This pot is absolutely beautiful. Choose from our selection of colour options, or have it painted in any colour of your choice. This pot can be home to larger trees of topiary shrubs.


Height 92cm, top Diameter 90cm


Have you ever walked through a garden aimlessly, only for your eye to be drawn in a direction. Looking up you see what it is drawn to you notice that that was the idea all along. The landscape was designed to draw your eye via various unnoticed  signs to the centre piece, the big plan, the focal point of that design. This pot is exactly such a pot. With numerous options, from planting a topiary tree, to bamboo or even dead wood, make this pot the focal pint of any landscape.  Growing plants in containers is an easy way to add colour, texture and size to your outdoor garden. Trees offer a sense of calm, beauty and wilderness to every landscape. They can be used as part of the background or focal point of any garden design, either large or small.

A potted tree must be watered and fertilized more frequently than those planted directly in the ground, but they will thrive for many years if given proper care. Make sure to use containers that have plenty of space for your tree’s root system, as a container that is too small can cause potential problems. A general rule to follow is to use containers that are at least twice the diameter of the root ball, and you should also ensure that your container has drainage holes.

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White Washed, Dark, Rusty