Decorative and solid Cement Balls

Our decorative balls and solid balls offer a wide range of uses and applications. Our decorative balls create a unique aesthetic feel when used with our many different pots to smooth rigid edges of Patio or walkway. As a decorative feature used on a wall or on top of one of our Flute of Skinny range pots.

The solid concrete balls offer a solution to keeping unwanted vehicles of your lawn or pavement and can also be used as an artistic addition in the landscape.


Large: Diameter 54cm

Medium: Diameter 44cm

Small: Diameter 34cm

X Small: Diameter 24cm



Our range of cement balls has a wide range of uses, from using them as a stand-alone feature on a wall to a feature placed on top of our skinny or flute range of pots. This unique addition gives perfect cohesion between round classic and straight modern landscape design. Concrete Balls is ideal for guarding your sidewalk or driveway from vehicles. Combined with plants or with the used of ball pots they can also be used as landscaping ornaments to create a different perspective in your garden. Our great quality pots at affordable prices allows all gardeners to find a pot to fit their budget.

Our products come in the standard white washed light or dark, as well as a rusty look direct from our factory. Each order is made as per order specification. We welcome bulk orders, and we offer discount related to order size.

Large 54cm, Medium 44cm, Small 34cm

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Decorative, Solid


White Washed, Dark, Rusty


Large, Medium, Small, X Small