Bird Bath & Feeder

This range of Bird bath and bird feeder, leans more to the modern gardens or landscapes, but even the most classic type of garden has an area where this feature will look beautiful. Attracting birds and butterflies to all corners of your garden is probably the most satisfying idea in gardening. In a garden or on a patio or as a feature piece in your landscape. Three colour options gives you enough ideas to play with to find your perfect match.


Bird Bath: Height 72cm , Diameter 58cm

Bird feeder: Height 66cm, Top 40cm x 40cm


The single best thing you can do to attract birds with a bird bath is to keep the water fresh. Include refreshing the water in your bird bath to your regular yard routine or watering routine. It’s such a simple thing, but it will truly make your space a lot more appealing to birds.

If you use sprinklers on your lawn or garden, you can position your bird bath and adjust its height to take advantage of the spray for an automatic refill. If you use a drip watering system, arrange the end of the drip line to easily replenish your bird bath each time you water flowers, herbs, or vegetables.

For fast, but less predictable refills, place your bird bath under one of the rain downspouts on your home or garage, trimming the downspout to the right height if necessary. Each time rainwater flows down the spout, it will run right to your bath and refill the basin. This may not be effective without regular rain, but it can be helpful for unexpected showers.

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Bird bath, Bird feeder


White Washed, Dark, Rusty